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Entered birth dates are used by the program to filter users that are below the age limit.

Users are then required to create a unique username that is used by other users to search and view other subscriber profiles.

The risk attached though is that even if the anonymity makes sexting more exciting it also attracts elements that exploits these. Users just need to be wary of unwarranted attention and be educated of the options they have should they encounter individuals that those.

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d In by themselves, sexting and Kik are quite regular in nature.

This may be one of the reasons that they attracted a number of people to engage in both.

Kik Messenger or Kik for short is an instant messaging application for Android and IOS phones founded by Kik Interactive.

Kik Interactive is made up of University of Waterloo students who were looking to shift computing from personal computers to mobile devices.

Automated spam bots also give out random naked photos to Kik users that unnecessarily floods users with penis and vagina photos of strangers.

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They were successful in doing just that and today Kik’s running with an estimate of 300 million registered users as of last year.

Kik’s offer the same text and video chatting features but its selling point is the anonymity it offers.

It has empowered both sexes to instigate sexual relations where otherwise it would have been a challenging and sometimes embarrassing Those in committed relationships use sexting as a means to keep the passion alive.

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