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Mc Donough late Thursday (11) two charter amendments; one, which got all hands, empowered the city to collect taxes for general or special purposes as long as such assessments are within the State law. Miss Shore's voice gavf out during a bit of dialog five minutes before end of show. Under this proviso, ducats, liquor and cigarette-tobacco levies could be made. Bing Crosby, waiting to do a show following end of short seg, volunteered to fill in but couldn't make it since music arrangements were in wrong key. Veuillez appuyer sur l’interrupteur à bascule pour activer Flash sur votre navigateur.

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Hard on the heels of a recommendatioa In Min- neapolis that the burg take over ducat taxing, if and when Uncle Sam sloughs ofl T part or all of the levy, comes a similar proposal In St Paul, which adds also a hike in hootch taxes. Both sides refused to comment on the rea- son for AFRA's sudden strike move at a time when agreement between the two orgs appeared within reach. Co- lumbia presents its own coverage figures — and in every form that its sponsors and agencies desire to have them. April 13.— Dick Powell — fiotruc's Gallery mystery seg, currently on Mutual, is set to take over Cass Daley-NBC Sunday eve- ning slot during summer, where it started. Show will use different scripts for each net airing carrying thru on same format, characters and story line on both airings. April 13.— Voice crack-up suffered by Dinah Shore dur- ing last few minutes of her Thurs- day night (11) radio show forced NBC to break long-standing rule and air playback of first broadcast for Pacific Coast repeat This marked first time web had used waxing in- .stead of live repeat with exception nf Mr.

St Paul's Citizens Charter Committee reported to Mayor John J. Vbaat: CENtn J 8781 Sam Abbott ••^J^f** •*»"••" W«« Cout Diniiiia •000 Suo Ht Blrt Hollrwood 28. They're sticking to their mutual pact of a prew blackout until the matter is settled. So for comparative figures, the in- dustry, until BMB delivers, will have to content itself with figures released internally by NBC. Deal now in inking stage, calls for full web coverage on both nets starting in June — 149 stations on NBC and 299 on Mutual, for a total of 448 outlets. Ray Buf- fum will continue to do major script- ing, with free lance stories to be bought as fill-ins. Hush repeat show on recent Truth or Consequences seg. JAOK NALIV ■ DDK OAHTOn AMOS ■■■ AHDV aai AT ai Loiaa Lciv K •i WT«R KVOO :r WHY woa H *a.« 14. ST.1 Ok Uhnnu CItr WKT boi Tcr KOA PUUbunk Onalaa So Hdao KOKA WOW WHO as.a sa.a sa.4 ST.

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These wives have experience and like to be called ladies.Sabayon 4.2 will catch you: just the best of the Out-Of-The-Box, KDE 4.2.4, multimedia applications and nothing more than what you need for your daily tasks, but what about your free time?[...] Show off the new Sabayon Linux to your friends, they have no more excuses to not try it!Click Here to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free. However, after a confab censors agreed to give back the per- mit and room re-opened with new acts. Strange part of the whole affair was that the Man- ners-Mostel combo had been going great guns for seven weeks before the snoopers discovered the blue material. T Omalu Boflalo Akno WOW wai H %VS«i WTTAM WHO 31 .1 27.3 2e 3 2S. Like her new boss, Censor Samuel Nissen, a mouth- piece, she has no showbiz back- ground. These figures, Sauter ex- plained, were not the final totaling and were even conservative. Web is eying the line to the Midwest and Rockies as an op- portunity to showcase new packages which it hopes to build during the summer.

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