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Showtime gave us a lot of freedom, and I realize how rare that is, and how lucky we were to have those jobs. When I first started the show, I was worried about it because in high school, there were packs of girls that reminded me of packs of wolves. And we were shooting in Vancouver, so we were in a little bubble. Leisha [Hailey] and I lived together the first year.

But these degrading sex scenes are balanced by some particularly powerful moments for the female characters: at the end of this season, Daenerys Targaryan, a queen, ordered one of her followers to strip so that she could have her way with him (consensually) in the same manner that many men have ordered women to sleep with them on the show before; and a rape victim, Cersei, similarly seduced her brother, Jaime in a moment of particular power and passion.

Women on the show are beginning to learn to take what they want—just like their male counterparts.

For three season, Sookie was torn between two potential love interests: Bill and Eric.

But finally Sookie asked herself, “Why can’t I have both? Sure, it was a dream, but how often do you see a threesome with two men on TV?

It’s also the first mainstream show to feature a transgender female character played by a transgender woman.

The show—which has the most diverse cast on television in terms of race, sexuality and body type—approaches women’s sex realistically and unforgivingly, the way other shows might approach male sexuality.

Based on the real sex research of Virginia Johnson and William Masters, the show extensively explores the science of sexuality—and female sexuality especially.

In an early episode, Virginia explains to William why a woman might fake an orgasm.

If you think Dunham spends too much time naked on screen, that’s because Dunham is trying to make a point that in real life not everybody looks like supermodel; but everyone does walk around their apartment naked, and everyone certainly has sex naked.

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