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So, they just kissed a little and shampooed one another's hair.

When we started Love Bites seven years ago (holy shit!!

it feels like a lifetime ago) we were young and naive and trying to make peace with a life once lived.

YOU ARE READING Fanfiction Where Ashton and Luke make a You Tube channel together and eventually fall in love after they do challenges, tags, and Vlogs.

© 2014, Angie (larry_lashton), All rights reserved Dedication: English Love Affa Irwin for the comments :) they look so happy, sogijfoio Since his mum found out about, well, everything.

Luke was such a terrible son for not informing his mum about his life and telling the internet first.

Maybe he should have just told her on the phone, but it didn't seem right. That's why when she said she was coming by, Luke felt immensely guilty. Ashton is already like a son-in-law and Liz had so much respect for him.

Though, it's not Luke's fault since he's only eighteen and it's normal.

Ashton can stand touching a little longer considering he's twenty.

Some may question how they know who tops and well, it's just who the person wants to be. And, Luke's new to this and feels more comfortable having control.

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