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In short, he is a person who desperately wishes to have a relationship with a woman, but does not have one because of shyness.

He is a man who becomes extremely anxiety-ridden over so much as the mere thought of asserting himself vis-a-vis a woman in a casual, friendly way.

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It's important to note that love-shy males are the following...1) Closet homosexuals - Love shy males are not attracted to members of the same sex.

Many love shy males may be confused by others with homosexuals as they are less likely to interact with females.

No female love-shys were studied for this research.

Personally I no longer qualify for many of these symptoms yet I still believe it is still relevent.1) I was fortunate enough to lose my virginity to a strong girl who "took care of me".

None of the love-shys studied for this book had dated more than four times during the year prior to being interviewed.

He is a person who has suffered and is continuing to suffer emotionally because of a lack of meaningful female companionship.Yet the mere thought of acting on those feelings was enough to freeze me on the spot.Saying a friendly "Hi." was out of the question - so too maintaining any eye contact despite desiring to look at them all the time.Gilmartin suggests that love-shy males should satisfy all these criteria, however personally it does not seem entirely reasonable to be disqualified over one or two criteria.Those which I have put in bold are, I believe, key to love shyness.(1) He is a virgin; in other words, he has never had sexual intercourse.(2) He is a person who very rarely goes out socially with women.This is the essence of "love-shyness".(6) He is a man who is strictly heterosexual in his romantic and eroticorientations.

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