Long distance internet dating rules

Distance prevents partners from learning about each other’s negative qualities–potentially creating an overly positive impression.

The relationship may be happy and stable while apart, but this false reality can become quite disappointing once back together.

How can you make sure you to don’t succumb to these “idealizations” and make long distance relationships last?

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In today’s online-dating world, many couples find themselves in long-distance relationships. The everyday, face-to-face communication is believed to help foster and maintain romantic relationships by giving people a chance to display and understand each other, and yet, some long distance relationships tend to last. Researchers suggest that one reason long distance relationships last is because they are prone to “romantic idealizations,” or the tendency to describe their relationship in unrealistically positive terms.

For example, people in long distance relationships tend to reminisce about their partner in a more positive way.

And in our internet savvy world, there are plenty of ways to increase communication!

Webcams, test messaging, phone calls, and emails can all supplement face-to-face communication.

These positive memories lead them to believe they have a lot more in common, regardless of whether or not they really do.

Partners in long distances have the advantage of always “putting their best foot forward,” perpetuating these “idealizations” of the relationship.

Good communication skills are also key–you have to be willing to put yourself out there and express how you feel.

Make sure to talk about everything, just as you would if you saw your partner every day.

Certainly your age and familiarity level makes a difference, as does her living situation.

But there are some basic rules of etiquette you should follow in long-distance dating.

So, you met her online but she lives a few hours down the road? But should you stay at her house or rent a hotel room?

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