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I had to be like the Incredible Hulk to lift the damn thing. I never fancied General Lee, the orange ’69 Dodge Charger that those Duke boys used to drive around and around whatever tree it was. A primrose roadster features near the beginning and the end of the film but I had to watch it all the way through just in case I missed something and I didn’t miss a thing!

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Hello again, it’s Richard here and I‘ve been watching a couple of films lately.

Mrs Mixture popped down to the local library and brought back several books and a basket full of CDs.

Sitting back in the old wing back with a cup of English Breakfast I start thinking about some of the iconic cars that have featured in TV programs or in the Movies.

The first car that jumps into my mind is the DB5 that James drives in Goldfinger, yes that’s the same model that Bazz picked up in the UK for 2/6 pence back in the olden days.

There were several answers to a query from an owner on the "MG Experience" MGC Forum about setting the tappets.

How to turn over the "Lump" so I took some photos of my Crank Nut Spanner that I made in the late 60's.

But it’s got something to do with computers evidently. that is if he’s not out-of-date already after six months of retirement.

How many MGCs out there have computer, measuring all sorts of things and then adjusting the fuel, air and timing.

Once upon a time petrol was petrol and then some smart spark found that increasing compression ratios increased performance but that lead to pre-ignition or knocking or pinging.

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