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You simply open an online Citi Bank savings account.The Ultimate Savings Account is the best one to use for this.

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Here are the steps you need to take: Call the customer service department of the new credit card that is offering you the introductory rate. Account number of the bank you are trying to pay 4. You may have to call the Lender to request these checks. Some Lenders will only offer this option to accounts that have seasoned for 3-6 months.

The phone number can be found on the back of the card. Just make sure that the checks you use are considered BT checks and not just cash advance checks so that you know what fees and rates are attached.

Let the representative know you would like to initiate a balance transfer. Many people do this and think they are getting 0% BT s when, in fact, they are really being charged a much higher fee and percentage because the transaction is actually a cash advance.

You will need to provide the representative with the following information: 1. Important Note: If you intend to do a traditional BT to pay off more than one credit card, we still recommend this method so that you can get access to all the cash in one transaction and you only pay the BT fees once rather than multiple times.

There are many ways to get your approved business credit lines into your bank account.

The important thing is that you do it correctly to minimize interest rate and transfer fees.

Here s how to request balance transfer checks: Call the customer service department of the new credit.

Ask the representative to send out balance transfer checks. Citi Savings Account Strategy: This is quickly becoming one of the most commonly used techniques for turning your 0% offers effectively into cash and it works great for BOTH 0% BT offers AND 0% purchase offers so pay close attention to this strategy!

So if you have a new business card with a 0% intro offer on purchases then you give them the account info and you re done.

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