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Lionel Messi is only 25 but authorities believe that he’s one of the biggest football players on the history. Messi is some different than former and popular football players.

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She took lots of offers from magazines for posing but she didn’t accept still any of them.

Ronaldo doesn’t like to speak about his girlfriend but Messi likes it.

Some magazines claimed that Messi finished this relationship in 2006 but also there were some claims that relationship lasted since 2008.

In 2008, it was a real magazine bomb that Messi and Argentina’s famous model Luciana Salazar is together. Magazines shot them on Sitges festival before Barcelona-Espanyol match.

In 2010, there were also tweets started to spread that Messi and Roccuzzo are marrying on moment but Messi denied these claims and said its impossible now.

Then pictures of couple appeared in magazines while they have engagement rings.He made a goal against Ecuador and celebrated it with placing a ball on his jersey like pregnant. There's no telling if this is really true or not, it's pure gossip, but many say that Luciana Salazar and Messi are dating. Magazines wrote that Messi’s mum attacked Macarena Lemos with a Frying Pan.Macarena Lemos made some interviews about this situation but Messi or his mother didn’t make any interview.Also it’s possible to see same compares about their girlfriends Irina Shayk and Antonnella Roccuzzo.

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