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Similarly, being cheated on isn’t a sign that there’s something wrong with your relationship. For others it’s about the rush of doing something forbidden, the thrill of risk and being caught.For still others, it’s about boredom and wanting to shake things up – even if it ends up hurting themselves and others.

The first and most important thing about handling the aftermath of being cheated on is self care.

Discovering that your partner was cheating on you is incredibly painful.

That desire to know more is completely natural; it’s part of the urge to understand, as though knowing more might make the act more comprehensible. Knowing who it was, when it started, what they did and where, why that person…

there is almost answer that your partner can give you that won’t gouge out parts of your soul.

The unspoken part of that sentence is that in not knowing their partner, they also no longer know who or what their relationship is and – by extension – who they are now.

It throws everything into question and damages your soul and self-esteem.

and led to an infidelity and are unlikely to ever be repeated.

They also tend to be moments that the participants regret having happened at all.

Some have affairs because they’re rebelling against a belief about themselves or the values they grew up with, while others may be reacting to the pain of previous relationships.

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