Lil romeo dating chelsie hightower

Exec producer (and the one-and-only Darlene) Sara Gilbert expressed hurt at what happened -- but also condemned her costar's comments in no uncertain terms: [ Grandma's home!!!!!! , but Chelsie Hightower says the rapper is all business this week after getting tepid critiques for their rumba. ] Sometimes you think you have a great dance, and then you perform for the judges and sometimes they love it and sometimes they don't. I'm very happy for Ralph [Macchio] and Kirstie [Alley]. We love having them around and we're happy they're doing so well and proving so many people wrong. This is a season where no one comes in as a favorite or a strong ringer. That makes everyone feel like they have a chance and that they're on the same level.

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Most offended by Roseanne didn't expect her to actually face any consequences -- but that all changed thanks to ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey who called her words "abhorrent" and "repugnant." Video: Roseanne Doesn't Care If You're Upset About Her Trump Support!

Now others are weighing in on the landmark decision regarding the show, starting with someone who just lost her job...

We're not exactly sure why she would need someone else's sweatshirt when she can probably afford a few of her own, but it sure does seem to be pointing at a hook up!

Plus, it actually looks like she might be photographed in a bedroom or Sadzies!!

The birthday gals dedicated their party to Just because Romeo’s all grown up doesn’t mean he still doesn’t love ice cream!

The rapper launched his new ice cream shake at Millions of Milkshakes by serving customers delicious creamy confections as a topless waiter.

The no longer lil' boy posted a pic of Selenita in a sweatshirt that - guess what!

- is one he can be spotted wearing all over his Instagram!

When asked what he wanted for his birthday on Monday, the rapper had just one wish. Could this ruin any chance of them getting back together?

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