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The podcast is hosted by (click on the not be taken too seriously.

I sometimes indulge myself in flights of fancy, attempt satire, or fall back on odd sound or music clips.

————————— Listed below are links to all sound files and transcripts I have been able to recover.

; White supremacy in Turkmenistan — Signoff: I'm sorry, I haven't a clue Intro — The singer and the song (cont.): That book — The DACAthlon: When will it end?

— How serious countries do immigration enforcement — A Bernie for 2020 — Restless in Iran — Down with white-informed civility!

— Miscellany: Jared sues Twitter; Lawless vandals supported by the law; South Africa targets whites; Fingers crossed for Italy — Signoff: Intro — Hysterics under the guidance of fanatics — Race denialism kills — JROTC heroes — Reasoned argument not yet dead — Halls of Uselessness — Miscellany: Billy Graham RIP; Nork athletes headed to camps; Garbagepile countries — Signoff: The mountains of Galicia Intro — Lunatic shoots up school, commentators flap arms — It's who we are — Blackety-black history month — Miscellany: Westminster dog show goes gay; Happy birthday, Chuck!

; Gen Z scandalizes the schoolmarms; Here comes Africa; The withering of social democracy; Beauty on the ice — Signoff: With a Darwin song Intro — Whatevergate — Immigration roundup — Out from the attic: Nancy gives a speech — Larry the Lifer — Progressives love science (but they don't know any — Miscellany: New frontiers in ethnomasochism; Election watch: Italy; Following Kipling's advice — Signoff: More Kipling Intro — SOTU: None ever wished it longer — Art of the possible — The forever war (cont.) — Czech echoes — Miscellany: Churchill Derangement Syndrome; Moderation is the Left's real enemy; Diversity at Williams College; Exercising black privilege; Neil de Grasse Tyson is a lazy nitwit — Signoff: Battle cry of the Millennials Intro — Gloating from the bench — Zero-based policymaking — Errata — Rise of the Maybe Trumpers — Let's hear the m-word — Miscellany: Working up an appetite; The price of fame; Women on the march; As time goes by; A great lady revealed; Miss Bumbum news — Signoff: With three great voices Intro — Trump's first year — Run, Oprah, run!

— Miscellany: Intro — Somali averages are terrible — Somalis' twofer privilege — It ain't over till the alien wins — MS-13 among the kulaks — Immigrants are better than us, series #22,894 — Miscellany: Vexed by the Pope; Strategic deportation; Thoughts of Chairman Blair; Snake bites woman — Signoff: With a song you can understand — Can-kicking news — Totalitarian capitalism: China got there first — The bollardization of the West — George Adamski lives!

— Miscellany: Greek justice; Dreaming of a white campus; The net worth gap; "Jingle Bells" is racist!I am sometimes rude about public figures, though only when they deserve it. There is no bad language, nothing that would bring a blush to a maiden's cheek, and nothing that a person of properly conservative temperament would find offensive … The show is assembled and produced at VDARE.com's sound studio on Long Island.Should you feel that there are technical shortcomings in the production quality, please don't hesitate to contact the magazine with your suggestions.; Hungary stays nationalist; Powell's speech remembered; A meta-stereotype — Signoff: Happy birthday, Tom open borders; and in outhouse countries, they know — The caravan moves on — People Without Scruples — The shape of things to come — Miscellany: Some more Hoggs; A great lady hit by corporate cowardice; Standing up for Kevin; Anarcho-tyranny in the United Cuckdom — Signoff: With a patriotic hymn — Number Three Fatty meets President Eleven — Meritocracy, diversity: Pick one — A stone-kicker classic from Prof.Wax — Miscellany: A different Hogg; Hawking for the Abbey; Those darn stereotypes!; Tribute to a great scientist — Signoff: Wack fa-lal-di-ra Intro — Farmer Don fills trough for "refugee" racketeers — Authentic lentils from India!

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