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Additional guest performances included America's Best Dance Crew champions Quest Crew and Poreotics, Ryan Higa (aka Nigahiga), Kevin Wu (aka Kev Jumba), Jay Park, and singers–songwriters David Choi and Kina Grannis.

According to Chinese American rapper Jin, "ISA is about self-branding and viral marketing — using You Tube, My Space, Facebook, and the Internet to promote yourself as an artist." He asserted, "We as artists are aware of this and make ourselves available [on these mediums]." Far East Movement member Virman Coquia said, "We want to give back to the community to show that Asians can have an influence today in the U.

They did not originally consider filmmaking as a career when they entered university; Chan explored an interest in animation, Fu had been a student in electrical engineering and Wang considered a career in economics.

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The event had several famous You Tubers including Anthony Lee, Brandon Laatsch, Clara C, David Choi, Freddie Wong, Jen Chae Buescher(Frm Head To Toe), Mike Song, Ted Fu, Wesley Chan as players, Kevin Wu as the gamemaster named Yoshi, and Amy Okuda and Philip Wang as the hosts.

Everything Before Us is the first feature film of Wong Fu Productions.

K Jung Dong Ha Jung Jin Woo Jung Joon Young Jung Yong Hwa Junggigo Junho Juniel Justin Lo JXT BOY JY Yue JYJ JYP Nation K. T Laysha LC9 Leader's LED Apple Lee Chi Lee Hi Lee Hong Ki Lee Hyori Lee Hyun Lee Hyun Ji Lee Joon Lee Jun Ki Lee Min Ho Lee Seung Gi Leessang Lena Yang Leo Ieiri Li Wei Feng Li Yi Feng Lilia Duan Lilian Xin Lillian Chan Lily Lu Lim Jeong Hee Lim Kim Lin Xin Yang Linda Chung Linda Liu Lip Bubble Liu Zhu LOL Lollipop Longguo & Shihyun LOONA Lovelyz LU: KUS Luhan Luna Lunafly Luo Yun Xi LYn M Blossom M4M M&D M.

Sheon J-Block J-Min Jace Jacky Chew Jackson Wang Jade Liu Jam Hsiao Jambinai Jane Huang Jane Zhang Janet Chen Jang Geun Suk Jang Moon Bok Jang Woo Hyuk Jang Woo Young Janice Vidal Jasmine Jason Chan Jason Chung Jason Fu Jason Zhang Jay Chou Jay Park JBJ Je A Jeffrey Kong Jellyfish Project Jennifer Jeong Sewoon Jeremy Ji Jeremy Liu Jerry Yan Jess Lee Jessica Jessie Chiang Jevice Jewelry Jewelry S Jia Jia Jin Lin Jin Zhi Wen Jing Bo Ran Jing Wong Jinlin Wang Jinusean Jiro Wang Jiyoung JJ Lin JJ Project JJCC JL Jo Kwon Joanna Wang Joanne Tseng Jocie Guo Joe Cheng Joey Yung Johan Yang Joi Chua Joker Xue Jolin Tsai Jonghyun JOO Joo Young Joyce Cheng JPM JQT Judy Chou Julian Chen Jun Jin Jun. G Laboum Ladies' Code Lady Collection Lady Jane La La Hsu Landy Wen Lara LAY.

Wang mainly utilised his family's digital camcorder to film school projects in collaboration with classmates.

The name Wong Fu is a nickname that Philip was given when he was in the seventh grade. X Bada Badkiz Baek A Yeon Baek Ji Young Bai Ruo Xi Ball Zhuang Bambino Bang Yong Gook BB. A Beat Win Beat Burger Bekah Bella Bella Yao Ben Ben Wu Berry Good BESTie Bibi Zhou Big Bang Big Four Big Hit Artist BIGSTAR Bii Billion Bingham Yeh Bingirls Black Pink BLACK6IX Blady BLANC7 BLAST BLK Block. Bolbbalgan4 Bo M BOP (Bird Of Paradise) Bosco Wong Boyfriend Boys Republic BOYS24 Boy'z BPPOP Brand New Day Brand New Boys Brave Girls Bravefamily Breeze Brian Joo Brown Eyed Girls Bryan Chan BTL BTOB BTS BTswing Buono! Blue C-Clown C-Real Cai Huang Ru Calvin Chen Candy Wang Chaos Charlene Choi Cheer Chen Cheers Chen Hui Ting Chen Xiang Cherry Boom Cherry Ho Chi Chi Chloe Er Choc7 Chocolat Chris Lee Christine Fan Chrome Family Cindy Yen Claire Kuo Clazziquai CLC Clinah Coco Lee Coco Sori Coed School Coffee Boy Co Lo R Comic Boyz Cosmic Color Cosmic Girl Cosmo Cosmos People Cranfield Crayon Pop Cross Gene Crucial Star Crystal Liu Cube Artist Cubick Xiao Cupid Cyndi Wang Cynthia Wang Debbie Huang Dee Hsu Della Ding Derrick Hoh Deserts Chang DIA Dia Girls Diamond Zhang Diana Wang Dominique Tsai Don Chu Dong Cheng Wei Donghae & Eunhyuk Dragon N Tiger Dream Girls Dreamcatcher DSP Friends H. Wong Fu has also expressed interest in holding future ISA concerts in Washington, D. They also had another ISA concert in Los Angeles on September 5.On March 30, 2013, ISA held and filmed their first game show at You Tube Space Los Angeles.In May 2010, Wong Fu Productions and Ryan Higa opened talks about creating a major film.

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