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If you already attended that seminar, please do not register since this will be repeat information. Review of first seminar: The overall feedback was positive with the guys gaining valuable insights into the basics on a variety of topics relating to interacting with women.We received some feedback regarding structuring the material a little differently, so adjustments will be made for this event.Free and paid seminars are incredibly effective marketing tools.

My theory for many years has been that women are bombarded with messages from so many guys, that your email is just another in the crowd that looses its potency because of the shear volume of responses a woman must sift through.

Most of the guys I have spoken with from Weekend Dating events had very similar experiences.

Just like there are personal trainers at the gym, the field of personal trainers for dating aka Dating Coaches will continue to expand.

I’ll usually look at them and say, “I’m sorry.” That’s an old joke I picked up from a writer friend of mine when he heard I was a writer as well.“Oh.

Topics may include but are not limited to **How to flick a woman's attraction switch *Do's and dont's of starting conversation with women *What to say, What not to say on the date and on the phone.

*Online personal ads- Limited discussion Venue: Office Furniture.

Last night Jeff Magic spent about three hours at my apartment.

He explained his own personal story about how he went from being a regular guy who could not meet women, to being an expert on understanding how to meet and attract women.

We then read some of the sent messages to the women (some of the same techniques he mentioned above that I felt were completely counterintuitive) , and sure enough the guy had responses. A woman should like you for who you are and you shouldn't have to learn a science about meeting and attracting women.

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