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Postive reinforcement adds sex for a good behavior. Either way, they increase the likelihood of particular behaviors)You can take a look at the Free 8 page guide at learndating dot com which goes into detail about psychological conditioning, and what makes dating fun. Bargate Quarter is redefining retail in the heart of Southampton.

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Reward her for asking questions, "I like when girls ask me questions like that :), I went because I wanted to see something around the corner." She may want to see what's around the corner, or she'll ask you what you saw.

Tell her to follow you, and reward her for doing so. Behaviors Touching you, asking questions about you, suggesting activities, showing up on time, returning your messages, and gaming you (rewarding you for behaviors she likes - this is important because it builds social skills, confidence, and a "sexual energy")you can reward her with - compliments, touches (appropriate to your level of intimacy: each get's more intimate - hand, sholder, upper back, leg, lower back, face, neck, sex areas), suggesting activities, gifts (a gift can be a worthless piece of trash you find on the ground, a rock, or it can be something you buy. If you give less than the precedent, it's a punishment for her), and sex (sex is a reward, and it is only fun when it rewards behaviors.

---------Step up/set hook/lean back/lead to sex My post #1000 on The Game after 50:

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Sure, it starts out fun (why she responded for a little while), but as you play more and more with the cheat code on, the game get's boring.

Another example is how boring sex gets when you're having it all the time. Being around 500 people all learning this stuff does wonders for your game.

The iconic Bargate and historic city walls are now being restored to become part of the exclusive retail and residential development the city of Southampton has been missing.

It’s a sophisticated hub drawing a discerning crowd, locals and visitors searching for something special.

The new residential development draws a diverse crowd of discernible shoppers, craving modern amenities and unique wares, in a place they’re proud to call home. There are 152 high specification apartments overlooking the city’s parks and the pristine public realm.

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