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It's a 1950 UK military vehicle which I have owned for 30 years and probably has never had a civilian registration.I sent off the required paperwork, including a copy of the Gaydon heritage certificate to Mick on 26/9, who applied on my behalf, DVLA insisted on coming to me to inspect the vehicle on 18/11, following which a V5C arrived on 28/11, followed by the return of all my supporting paperwork and a number plate purchase authorisation a few days later.

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The first went through within 10 days from start to finish and receipt of an age-related number and V5C.

The second has come back as having 'insufficient dating evidence' despite having exactly the same original type documentation as the first. I won't go into how complicated even this simple task has taken, but I can assure you, Mick Burn's service is exceptional (and cheap) by comparison!

Upon inspection the Ford Club member that viewed the car has decided that one of the numbers appears different to that on the original US registration document, the UK import documentation, the NOVA declaration and on all my application paperwork.................

Several months into this and at no small expense it rumbles on. The Clubs' hands are tied and the work involved is huge.

Things have changed since I imported mine and I would expect a lot more grief when importing one now. I ensured that all the US documentation was correct before leaving the States and that all the numbers were correct.

What I did not know was that NOVA applied to home market vehicles as well. In the UK I applied for the registration and to be safe did them as two separate applications sent a few days apart. I decided to start the process of getting an age related number for my long term 1950 80" rebuild.In parallel (knowing that government departments aren't the quickest) I thought I'd get the paperwork in order.All other enquiries should go via the national HMRC helpline: 03.Eventually a human replied to the email to confirm this.I really sympathise for the Clubs and their representatives. Interesting to read about Gaydon saying they have no records.. Now wondering if it is worth trying the online shop at Gaydon?

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