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There are more complex blends, but this does give a nice variety of flavors.

I haven't finished that tin yet but I smoked enough of this to re-familiarize myself with it.

My original review stands, as I find this too limp-wristed for me.

The dry, slightly sour and sweetly woody Turkish/Orientals are noticeable without being overwhelming, and the Virginias are choice cuts: the red is a little tangy and dark fruit sweet with a hint of earth, while the lemon adds a slight citrus flavor and grass.

Some think it rather one dimensional, but I don't.

There's nothing really wrong with them but there's not much to recommend them, either. There is a fairly good Latakia and urkish presence. The next day I ordered a full pound, and threw out most of the aromatics I had.

This one appears an afterthought - as though they decided they simply HAD to offset the heaviness of Nightcap (another uninspiring blend) with something wimpy and bland. They say you never forget your first love, and I think this will have to be mine.(in regards to tobacco that is) There's always have a place for EMP in my cellar.I looked up the date that it was first introduced to the market, and near as I can tell it was first introducted in 1912. I think that it's been so popular for so long because of its simplicity. There may or may not be some Latakia in there, but if it is it is only in trace amounts.Ever wonder how a blend remains a top seller for over 100 years? The color is a pleasing blend of brown and tan tobaccos, and the tin note has a nice Oriental sweetness to it.I still think that they are shining examples of class and sophistication, where less is more and elegance is best expressed in an understated manner. It was nice for once to not deal with dagum water in the shoes. The babe started shooting me looks as the Officer was talkin her up. It was the most incredible feeling in the world, despite my man tool nearly falling off.(What C&D and Pease blends want to be when they grow up). I had been given some leave time from my base in Saigon and so I went to explore the City, like usual, my buddies didnt get leave, but I hoped to find some more GI's in some of the local bars. I felt good, like it was going to be a swell day; I had every reason to think so. I knew this would be my only chance to get laid until i was sent back into the jungles to fight charlie. The beautiful woman was still asleep after having the night of her life.This blend is no exception, and it is Dunhill's answer for the discriminating pipe smoker who wants a blend that he or she can just kick back and enjoy in those rare moments when life, family, and career are not imposing their demands upon us... A week before, I had killed 10 Charlie in one night. And now I had leave, who could ask for anything more? I dressed, and left the room, but not before leaving her my picture so that the kid would one day know who his or her father was.

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