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AE: How did you become involved with being the hands of the little boy in ?

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The kind of songs you like to fall asleep to, but also have to absorb alone, in case you’re moved to tears." King, 28, has admitted to this, claiming that the best kinds of songs are the sad ones — which must be why .

With so much of her time dedicated to making others sound and look good in 2007, 2008 is certainly King’s own year.

It's similar to boggling over a drummer's dexterity.

"For me, it's definitely about being a good player," King says.

She recently spoke with After about writing sad songs, why she’s the least serious person ever, and working with Tegan and Sara.

After Ellen.com: Was adding the lyrics and singing on and on the new album something you did to become more accessible?Kaki King is impressing audiences with her remarkable guitar playing. I'd just graduated from college, I didn't have a job and didn't have a clue [about] what I wanted to do in life.Not bad for a 26-year-old "drummer" whose first public guitar performance was in a New York subway six years ago. I didn't have much money and nothing to do, and I thought, 'OK, I'll just go play in the subway tonight.' " King quickly realised she could make in a couple of hours.AE: How did you get involved with working on score? It was really great because my contribution to the score wasn’t really gigantic, but I was able to come in when they had most of it done, and listening to what they had already done, [I] was able to provide things with Eddie Vedder’s aesthetic and at the same time do what I do.KK: They brought me in at the last minute with about 10 scenes they had written music for, and they used a couple of songs from my second album in the soundtrack as well. It was a long process, but it was cool to work under that kind of pressure, to say, "We have an hour before we move to the next scene." It’s endless pondering and thinking and seeing what works and this and that.Soon commuters started asking if she had a CD they could buy. "I think that drums were for me so much more of a social thing." Not fond of playing the guitar her father bought her as a child, King swapped to drums and bashed her way through high school bands.

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