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I was able to check off each item on my wish list, and noticed the home offered even more than I imagined.Due to the competitive market, I called my realtor immediately and we were able to file the necessary paperwork the next morning. Saint Jude had come through big time and I am remain eternally grateful!One of the most extraordinary instances was when I was down to the wire in having to find a rental home quickly after selling my condo.

This was not the first time Saint Jude so deftly answered my prayers.

He again came to my rescue a few months ago when I found myself in the exact same situation.

Whatever your suffering is on a physical, fiscal, mental, emotional or spiritual level, one thing is certain – your problem appears to be immoveable, impassable, and simply impossible to solve! Even now, in our present age, he stands ready to robustly assist you in the seemingly impossible problems of life. A Saint who was ordinary until Christ made him extraordinary.

A Saint mentioned little in the Gospels – but who broke his silence to write a short, powerful letter which speaks to the challenges of our times. Saint Jude is specifically invoked in despairing situations because his New Testament letter, , stresses to us the importance of persevering despite harsh and difficult times.

In our challenging times, would it not be wise to befriend such a faithful ally?

As one of the twelve apostles hand-picked by our Savior, this cousin of Jesus and brother of James has come to my assistance countless times over the years.

I was, admittedly, lost for a moment, between Charing Cross and Holborn, but I was saved by the bread shop on Saffron Hill.

The only baker to use a certain French glaze on their loaves - a Brittany sage.

Don’t forget to also thank Saint Jude for what he is doing or has done for you.

Part of my thanks to Saint Jude was writing an article on how he has powerfully assisted me in my own life. Let’s face it – we all need help from time to time and there is no shame in asking for it.

I again created my wish list for my next home and began my novena.

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