Jason lane dating coach

When Jason did not follow in his father's footsteps into law, Edward cut him off financially.

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Jason wants to be independent and live his own life.

He felt he could start a new life with Lana and saw an innocence in her he hadn't experienced growing up in the rich society.

However, these were not vacations; they were research trips to investigate Countess Thoreaux.

Shortly before the first meteor shower that hit Smallville, Jason would play with Patricia Swann, Oliver Queen and Lex Luthor while their parents attended meetings for the secret society known as Veritas.

Jason Teague was a student at Central Kansas A&M and former assistant football coach at Smallville Crows football team.

Throughout his time in Smallville Jason had a loving relationship with Lana Lang, whom he met in Paris while she was studying abroad.

Played in 20 games as designated hitter, 18 in left field, 16 in right and 4 at first base...appeared as a pitcher and position player in the same game four times...

On the disabled list three times with shin contusions: April 14-May 9, June 10-17 and July 12-29.

He followed Lana back to Smallville and took a position as the school's assistant football coach.

Unbeknownst to Lana, he had been working with his mother Genevieve Teague to locate the three Stones of Power, three Kryptonian stones that when united form a single crystal that creates Clark's Fortress of Solitude.

He crashed his motorcycle, and she spent hours in the emergency room with him.

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