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Colleges want to see students taking difficult courses each year on a rising grade trend so they can understand if you are prepared to take up a heavy college course load.

It’s important for students applying to any highly selective school, not just the Ivies, to submit well-drafted, compelling essays that convey their opinion, interests, who they are as a student and person, and how they would contribute to the college community.

• Demonstrated Interest - Highly selective college that might be fighting(not literally) against one another for highly qualified candidates, want to admit students who genuinely want to attend their school and are, hence, likely to join the college if admitted.

These universities have some educational and institutional traits in common beyond their athletics programs.

All of them are long-established, private schools; all are in the Northeastern U.

One of the most helpful ways for students to express their interest is to apply in the early round of deadlines, as early decisions are binding (meaning a student must enroll if admitted) and single-choice early action limits a student from applying to another private school until they receive a decision from the first school.

It is important to note that the qualities that make for a good education are not just limited to the Ivy League Schools!

Stanford University & MIT are elite schools, sometimes even more selective for some courses than the Ivies, but they don’t have the 'Ivy' tag.

Mnemonic focuses on guiding high-ability motivated and accomplished students.

Through comprehensive, personalized, detailed guidance and high-level strategic planning, we help maximize your competitive stature, so that you achieve success in the admissions process.

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