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8 I say at this early stage that this is one of those cases into which, because credibility is deeply in issue, have been drawn multiple tangential factual disputes on issues tending to support (or diminish) an inference and conclusion that the parties went through a ceremony of Islamic marriage on 11th January 2007.

Since they only go to credit, such issues are not always prepared or pursued (bearing in mind the needs of proportionality) sufficiently to enable a reliable and just conclusion to be reached on them.

Application before Bodey J to determine whether an Islamic wedding ceremony took place and if so what its legal effect was, if any, in English law.

I therefore decided that, in order to make some progress, the nullity proceedings should be dealt with at this hearing so that the parties' status would be established. Nurani, solicitor to the father (although not in these family proceedings). on the last day of evidence (Monday 19th December 2011, three days ago) that the father would give evidence. Pointer QC announced that he (the father) has been required by the ruler of Dubai to attend the UAE's delegation to the 32nd summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council leaders being held this week in Riyadh.

It would then be known whether the mother has financial claims for herself or only for S. It is unsatisfactory that warning of this was not able to be given sooner, since the court could have adjusted its preparatory work and sat different hours, or rearranged the order of witnesses, so as to facilitate the father's attendance, or his evidence being given by video link during the course of the week commencing 12th December 2011. Pointer was not instructed to and did not seek an adjournment.

B THE PSYCHIATRIC EVIDENCE REGARDING THE MOTHER9 Before coming to the chronology of relevant events it is necessary to say a little under this heading.

I regret this because it is material which should otherwise be personal to the mother.

However, it is essential to an understanding of how she reacts to events and conducts herself generally.

It unavoidably has to be taken into account when seeking to resolve the various factual disputes between the parties and the allegations levelled against the mother on multiple issues of credibility.10 On 3rd February 2010 the mother was seen for one hour by Dr.In the circumstances this was not a void marriage but rather a 'non-marriage.' Accordingly, the nullity petition was dismissed leaving outstanding the Schedule 1 proceedings claiming support for S. JUSTICE BODEY: A INTRODUCTORY1 This is the hearing of a nullity petition brought by Nivin el Gamal against His Royal Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed al-Maktoum, a member of the Royal Family of Dubai.Summary by Alfred Procter, barrister, 1 Garden Court __________________Case No. Since the parties have a child, S, born on 21st April 2008, I shall, purely for ease of reference, speak of the parties as "the mother" and "the father" respectively.2 By her petition the mother asserts that on 11th January 2007 the parties underwent an Islamic wedding ceremony in the father's flat in Knightsbridge SW1.Robin Lawrence, instructed by her solicitors in certain immigration proceedings which I will mention.He has 20 years' experience as a consultant adult psychiatrist.The mother's case was that the intention of the parties to create a valid marriage for the purposes of the law was the all important factor, converting a ceremony which failed to comply with the Marriage Acts into a marriage, albeit a void one.

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