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It is one of four stops on the 2017 Polaris RZR Star Car schedule.

Perhaps best known for his accomplishments on two-wheels, including becoming the first person ever to double-backflip a motorcycle, Pastrana is also an accomplished car racer.

Jolene Van Vugt: We are always adding new tricks, stunts and athletes to make the show better and fresh. We all give all we have each time we step out there.

Van Vugt: We always hoped we’d get to travel the world with our friends and entertain people for many years, we never knew it would turn into this – it’s epic and we love our jobs! Crave: What type of physical punishment does your body take over the course of the tour?

Crave: How difficult is it to travel and perform in a show predominantly featuring male athletes? Van Vugt: Each tour is different as per the injuries that can come along with each crash or fall.

If girls want to do what I’ve done all the more power to them and I take that as a huge compliment. I think it’s important that people see, anyone can do what they want – it doesn’t matter if you’re boy or girl.

Crave: Is it important for you to be a trailblazer, with various world records and moto firsts under your belt?

The August 18 Vegas to Reno race is known as one of the most challenging on the international off-road calendar.

It starts in dusty terrain just outside of Las Vegas and concludes some 550 miles later in Reno, Nevada.

Crave: I hear you’ve been attempting to become the first female to double backflip on a BMX bike, how’s it been going?

Is it much different compared to pulling off a backflip on your dirt bike?

Van Vugt: It’s very frustrating to know you have a trick but keep crashing.

It makes me push harder and want it more but it is annoying.

Van Vugt: I like to go home to Canada and chill out with my family and friends there in London, Ontario.

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