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I thought I wanted to start partying and being like girls my age,” she confessed.

Sanford admitted that she quickly regretted the decision. “Every day there was a story about me and a new guy in the papers. I’d get upset and I’d call Dougie and tell him none of the stories were true. “I got more and more cut up about what I’d done.” The couple eventually reunited and are now thought to be buying a house together. I’m not losing him again.” Source: digitalspy The Saturdays star Frankie Sandford has said that she is not planning to get married “just now”.

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Dougie, 23, is said to have been left devastated after he was dumped by Frankie, 22, in November just as they were in the process of buying a new house together and moving from the North London flat they shared. She and Wayne were first seen together in the New Year, but talking last week, the singer said she 'couldn't remember' when they got together. magazine last week, Frankie said: 'To be honest, I'm really not sure how long we've been together, it's all been such a whirlwind...'It only rubbed salt into poor Dougie's wounds to see his former sweetheart move on so quickly.

Talking in January about their recent split, Dougie said: 'Of course I was gutted about the break-up.

Metro caught up with Frankie Sandford of The Saturdays, asking the 19-year-old about her highlight of 2008, how the girl group finds success without the help of ‘X Factor’, what she did after S Club 8 split, being “quite sane” despite being a child performer, and how Mc Fly fans have treated her since she began going out with Dougie Poynter.

“I was worried they’d give me stick for it but we’ve got a My Space for the band and for every nasty message I get from Mc Fly fans I get eight nice ones,” Frankie said.

that she “was having a bit of a crisis” which prompted the separation in March.

“We’d been living together for nearly two years and it felt too much too young.

To be honest, that time apart has done us the world of good.

We needed it.’Saturdays star FRANKIE SANDFORD’s hunky boy-toy DOUGIE WRIGHT isn’t coping with her being fourth sexiest girl in the world in FHM mag.

Mc Fly bassist Dougie Poynter has checked out of rehab after receiving treatment for depression.

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