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We gave him a limit of watching for no more than 30 minutes a day, but it was never enough. ‘I’d look at him and feel so guilty – for the time he’d lost when he could have been doing something more constructive, for the brain cells I, like many people who read frightening studies about children’s addictions to i Pads, feared would be lost and for not using that time to be with him instead of his electronic babysitter.

‘His behaviour when I tried to take the i Pad away from him became unbearable. ‘Of course, we would take it away after his tantrums and ask, bribe, then finally order him out on trips (I know, we did a lot of things wrong) – but we would be faced with the tantrum to end all tantrums just to get him off the device and out the door.

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They were mostly educational games – things like spelling, shape matching, counting.

He loved it, and while we were careful to limit the length of time he spent playing them, it was helpful when we were travelling on a long-haul flight or if I needed to work to let him play for a little while.

‘My usually kind and smart boy would turn into a snarling demon whenever he was denied his fix. ‘Admittedly, it was labour-intensive for me – there was no “why don’t you watch Sponge Bob while I wake up? But his moods evened out and I learned to manage his behaviour (sometime; I am after all human and he is a wilful 6-year-old child) without the constant cycle of promising and banning of the i Pad.

‘Now, the i Pad is dead – but we do sometimes watch a cartoon or a film together on the television.

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‘As he got older though, his obsession with the i Pad was no longer funny.

‘By the time he was 6, we were letting him him watch cartoons on You Tube or Netflix and play a few simple games – things like Star Wars Force Builder or Pokemon Go. you name it, the answer would be no – ‘I just want to play the i Pad.’ ‘If he managed to sneak a longer-than-usual session, I’d find him glazy eyed, pale with blotchy red cheeks, almost catatonic, staring at the screen, his slack little face lit up with the noxious blue light.

‘Although that concerned her, she thought her son might just be exhibiting an active imagination.

As his behavior continued to deteriorate, she tried to take the game away but John threw temper tantrums.

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