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However, if you want to restrict users to entering an email address, then use a validation rule that ensures that what a user enters into the field matches the pattern of an email address, and prompt them to correct it if it is not.Validation rules are designed to check for certain conditions within a form and, if those conditions are met, notify the users so that they can take corrective action.You can also configure the rule to display the dialog box automatically.

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If none of these patterns meets your needs, you can indicate a custom pattern.

Custom patterns can require the use of special characters, which can be easily inserted by selecting them from the Insert special character box.

By basing a rule on a set of signable data, you can add an error message to a submit button if a user has not signed the form, thus helping to ensure that the form is signed before submitting.

This condition is only supported in Info Path Filler forms.

Couple of queries on the best way to go about that.

No, there is no gobal validation event, you can only validate each field on its own (which you could make generic, but depends on requirements).

hope this helps You don't actually need to call the validate-routines yourself, they fire automatically when a Validation event happens (i.e. I'd create a boolean private member in your code, that indicates whether the validation passed for the (infopath) field and before you submit, you check if all members are valid (true) like this: private bool Some Integer1Valid = false; private bool Some Integer2Valid = false; public void Btn Submit Click(object sender, Clicked Event Args e) public void Some Integer1_Validating(object sender, Xml Validating Event Args e) public void Some Integer2_Validating(object sender, Xml Validating Event Args e) If you add a button to perform your own submit behaviour (using code), Info Path will execute your code even if the form has validation errors.

However, in most cases you'll want to make sure there are no validation errors before proceeding with the customized submit.

I have a fairly complex infopath 2010 browser form (Being used to process expense claims) that is using code to perform the submission rather than a rule.

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