How to stop others from intimidating you

Depending on the person you’re dealing with, the above advice alone may not do the trick. You can take steps toward reclaiming your power and leveling the playing field by:1.

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As a staunch introvert, loud, aggressive, and/or insensitive people intimidated me (and sometimes they still do). When I to engage them, I’d often lose my train of thought and fumble through my words or simply fade into the background, letting those around me dominate the conversation.

I eventually realized that there were two glaring problems with my approach: If you’re feeling intimidated by someone, understand that your fear gives them power over you and allows them to dictate your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Is it their overall demeanor, personality, approach, tone, title/position, education level, financial status, viewpoint, or something else?

You may find that underneath their scary exterior, there’s a person. Recognize your similarities rather than focusing on your perceived differences.

Also, realize that even the most challenging people are struggling with their own insecurities (which may manifest as aggressiveness or insensitivity).

They tend to distance themselves from the EGO, the superiority of a person.

Whenever a mistake is made, they’ll be honest about it and admit it.

Keying into the other person’s preferred communication style can also be helpful in meeting them where they are and having a productive conversation.3. If there’s any tension between you and your “monster,” you may need to confront the issue head on, in spite of your discomfort.

Have a conversation to get to the root of the issue and move beyond it once and for all.

Communicating with someone who intimidates you can be quite the daunting task.

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