How to put on a speed dating event

As black is a safe colour and it will usually blend in well with the crowd therefore we may not get people to notice us.I also learned that what kind of introduction will make people remember you well during speed dating which I really put them into good use now. Later on, I realise that a few of the events and workshop which Complete Me had offered look quite interesting and I seriously wanted to find out even more why am I still dateless.Michelle and her helpers were very attentive and would come to the tables and help to shift plates of unfinished food and drinks to the next table to facilitate the rotations.

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The execution of the event went really smoothly as well.

The instructions given before and after the event were clear and concise (no long-winded speeches) and the rotations were done very courteously with lots of smiles.

The first thing I thought when I stepped into the restaurant was that it had great ambience – all romantic and dreamy with elegant decorations.

And I also really liked that it was roomy with enough space between tables for private conversation to take place comfortably.

” But Michelle told me that I need to be comfortable for whom I am and is confidence about myself.

I am also quite demure and I do not feel ease to talk to strangers especially to guys due to my female working environment.

She serves with her heart and designs her events, with the participants’ needs in mind.

Her events are always gender-ratio balanced and excellently organized. That is why I am a returning participant to many of her events.” Thanks for everything!

It was super fast; barely 3 hours after the event ended (and that was at about 10pm!

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