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This is one of many dating truths exposed by the British reality show . If you're older, you're not used to online dating."Andy, 38, who has appeared on the programme previously, hinted at just this: "I'm a bit old-school.As Michele Kurland, its executive producer, says: "What often happens is [when] men suddenly become single, it's quite hard for them to get back into a relationship. I prefer getting to know someone, as opposed to the human Argos catalogue of swiping left and right."Jonathan, 68, a divorcee from Kent in the UK, has chosen a different route, becoming a client of dating agency Drawing Down the Moon instead of turning to Tinder.

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Having separated from the mother of his two teenage sons in his mid-40s, the British IT manager was keen to get back on to the dating scene.

He was, however, unprepared for what he found there.

Griff, a 26-year-old farmer from Shropshire, grew up in a male-dominated household.

"We're mad Welsh rugby fans so [most] of the chat is about that," he says.

"As a male of my generation, you don't have the tools; you don't want to admit to people you're suffering," he says. I have a way of acting like everything's fine, but one day I talked to two of my best mates in the pub.

Outwardly chipper, he suppressed his depression for years before speaking out. I was the loneliest person in that crowded room."I built up to it and had a few drinks, then we spoke for about 20 seconds and they said: 'Come on, mate, have another drink,' so we got another pint and watched the football."Although attitudes are gradually shifting, and the stiff upper lip may be on the way out, even millennial men looking for love don't always find it easy.

"Men are not coming to us and asking for a much younger model."Finding the right age match is not the only challenge that men on today's fast-paced, often cut-throat dating scene must contend with, however.

Many men also struggle when it comes to emotional intimacy."Older women are good at keeping female friendships, at networking and at keeping up with their favourite activities," says Kurland. They can become a bit isolated if they have been widowed or made redundant."I think it comes down to confidence.

Whatever threats and challenges the dating world throws out, Kurland has one piece of advice that applies to all men: "If you like someone," she says.

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