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When you walk into the room where your husband sits at the computer, does your he suddenly get nervous or make knee-jerk reactions?

When you ask what he has been doing online, does he become defensive or easily irritated?

He may demand to be left alone with his computer or become irritable if he can’t get online.

Check your husband’s web browsers on his phone, laptop, home computer, or tablet.

While many addicts want a high frequency of sex (see #3), as the addiction escalates, they begin to lose interest in their partner.

They become desensitized to other forms of pleasure—even sexual intercourse—preferring the buzz they get from porn.

These are huge red flags and one of the clear signs of porn addiction.

A porn user almost always has dysfunctional relationship to technology—many hours spent online alone, often at odd hours or at times when they should be spending time with their families and friends.

Have you noticed new credit cards opened in your husband’s name?

Since there is an abundance of free porn online, addicts can indulge without paying, but often, when the addiction escalates, they resort to paying for online material or even physical items (like DVDs).

Other antisocial behaviors might include a lack of remorse for his actions, aggression, outbursts of anger, frequent lying, indifference to actions that harm others, or an easy use of flattery or charm to manipulate others.

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