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I think there could have been something more compelling in that argument to side us against the Mother in addition to her other character flaws.

This movie will affect you, director Amy Weber grabs you from the very beginning and draws you into the disturbing side of high school cliques.

I got the focus close at a stop light to shoot 3.14159 (this was close to National Pi Day), but then the light turned green. And keep an eye out for the real life Kevin Bacon- I've seen him 3 times!!!

It was a bit difficult holding the phone with my arms on top of the steering wheel. It wouldn't surprise me if "Clean Sam" was stealing Wi Fi- just like he stole my shirts! Todd, where is place in midtown for most favorite burgers?

The Rankin family was driving down I-480 in Omaha, Nebraska, on May 18, when they spotted a cat clinging to the roof of a van driving in the lane next to them.

They were able to alert the drivers of the van so they could pull over and rescue the cat.

Almost all of the cameras that I have used with Wi Fi have that feature. There's a reason why one sees photographers using 400mm, 500mm, 600mm and 800mm lenses shooting the Olympics, the Super Bowl and other events; they are a tool. The smartphone is a fantastic solution for photography on many levels, mostly because we rarely are found without them on our person..always ready to get a shot! The field is narrowing, however, as more and more barriers of physics are overcome by technology. You are looking for Madame Tussauds, which is right in Times Square.

I have used smartphones to photograph some vanity license plates. Take a pedicab there so you can take plenty of photos on your way there.

) It seems like the Sony DSC-RX100 V is going to be a quality one, but I wonder whether it's worth getting a camera with interchangeable lens. Hey Elsa, I wouldn't say that one camera of the bunch would be better for you over another. I think the portable aspect is nice- maybe I don't need the interchangeable lens flexibility given my lack of experience anyway. Sometimes I see folks struggling to take a selfie (especially of larger groups) and I ask if they want me to take the photo for them.

The cameras with interchangeable lenses will give you the most flexibility, but when shopping for lenses or looking at fixed-lens cameras, check the minimum focus distance and think about your planned images to make sure you can focus on what you want to image. Some of the vloggers / fashion bloggers recommend the Sony a5100 as well. Secondly, why would you think a burger place would wash your clothes? I would say that less than 50% of the time, they actually say, "Yes." The world has changed!

Not that the RX100 wouldn't, but changing lenses means you can do more..carry more..take up more room in your place. I think I'll make a purchase decision this week and wanted to buy from B&H in a way that rewards you for the article and info. Besides not having an LCD screen, my A-1 and New F-1 are manual focus; both can do autoexposure.

If the "V" is too steep, check out the predecessors. Also, do you know whether the Sony RX100 V allows you to mirror over Wi Fi what's in the viewfinder to say, a PC or mobile device? To answer your first, none of us at B&H work on commission, but I appreciate the thought. My 5D Mark III can do autofocus and autoexposure; while it has an LCD screen, it is not flippy. There are people on here who are actually serious about this discussion and aren't just clowning around.

I was playying the Pokemon GO in mid-town Saterday. He said they were lost, but I saw him wearing one a couple of weeks later!

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