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After a while Melissa recalled for what purpose she entered the lavatory and started urinating.

It was unbelievable sight: my slut was sucking me off while relieving nature. It turned out that my wife didn’t swallow it entirely, moreover, she began spitting out my cum, and it poured down her chin.

Then I put my finger in Melissa’s sissy and started flicking it, after that I bent down and fondled her clit with my tongue.

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This 34 year old women went in for sport, she was burly and able to drink alcohol in quantity.

My wife, Melissa never drank a lot, but she always tried to match her stride for stride when drinking, thus they usually got drunk completely.

It was really one of my days: my orgasm was so tumultuous that I hardly got over it even some minutes later. Frankly I lost courage, if she had heard my words she would stop talking to me for a week easily. The fragment of broken glass scattered all over the kitchen, however she didn’t pay attention to it, and she made her steps out of the kitchen, rounding me like some obstacle.

On the way back she turned to the lavatory, I followed her tiptoe.

This gave me some interesting though: I approached her, put my hands onto her head and slowly put my dick in her half-open mouth.

Truly, my wife blew me only a few times and now I could have what I wanted.

When I looked inside I got stupefied: my Melissa was sitting right on the toilet sink asleep, breathe heavily and snoring a bit with the head, leant against the wall.

It was very thrilling and funny sight to see an adult woman, with clots of sperm on the thighs, sitting asleep on the toilet sink.

She spent the whole day staying in the sack, rubbing out the oil from her ass and looking at me suspiciously.

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