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I just wanted to point this out b/c soooooo many people do not understand the difference between social construction of gender roles and what is "natural."All my references in this thread deal with BDSM. Well unless they like repressed douches, but anyway....

Punkin, I'm not trying to pick on you, and I think you used the quotation marks b/c you "get it," that it is NOT natural to everyone. He's also clearly shot himself in the foot on this site as far as meeting someone.

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I'm hoping he'll be kind and gentle, but firm and a good disciplinarian when I need it. This is not 24/7 but it is filled with love, care, attention, and the ability to enjoy yourself in so very many ways. Yes, I wish to be someone's Understanding Daddy Dom, but I equally seek a little girl who wishes to not only be a good girl for her daddy, but also who wishes to serve Him sexually in so many ways. If so, message Me on here, or, email Me at sir.strict at gmail dot com... Note: I am especially keen on women who enjoy having their breasts stroked, kissed, licked, and suckled for hours at a time..

This little girl is very sexual and playful and looking to give my Daddy lots of love... Experience (none required, but would like to know) 3.

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Very good :)It is the idea of men from black and white movies that some fall in love with. It is a fantasy but nothing is impossible if you search long enough. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your opinions and advice. Actually all of his posts here have been spot on so far! I prefer very strong independent, sexually liberated women... Now, once I have that partner, I have no problem PLAYING dom/sub as a novelty, but not in the sense that the actual D/S/BDSM community does it. With sex I'd like someone 1/3 equal, 1/3 sub and 1/3 dom**I'm guessing at the dom part since I've never experienced a woman taking charge..a few have tried but gave up and wanted me to TAKE them, despite me playing along and not resisting....I'm curious. I know several people that have that style relationship. Well, I for one am enjoying myself immensely and learning so much from this!

I am gonna have to agree with Mchurch here for the second time in my life... Very good :)It is the idea of men from black and white movies that some fall in love with. It is a fantasy but nothing is impossible if you search long enough. Just because you don't know anyone that lives that way doesn't mean that no one does. *grins*Oh now, girls look, you've gone and scared the little OP away!

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Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. The use of the word natural is understood amongst kink. Please continue this ladies, I'm having so much fun!!

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