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Some functions of the body you just remember to do until the Alzheimer's kicks in.But, as lists go, my top 10 all-time favorite stag films is not such a bad exercise.Check out the latest Batman Action Figure - it looks freaking amazing! Justice League Action What I figured out is that most schools are blocking flash games in order to force kids to study and pay attention to their teachers.

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Al Goldstein, champion of the First Amendment, Creator and Host of the ground-breaking cable show Midnight Blue, and the world's dirtiest old man, shares his unique and entertaining views on porn, politics and the web.

Picking my ten favorite fuck films is as personal a choice as how you wipe your ass (over or under?

For me I just want to shoot my load and get rid of anxiety and the flood of tsunami-like backed up swirls of old and caged sperm moaning to be set free.

I don't list wanking on my Palm "To Do List." I don't put pissing or taking a shit on my schedule either.

The storylinegoes like this: An unseen menace hasinprisoned Batman, as well as some of thebest superheros.

In an unlimited timeless andspaceless void, your task is to...

And the cast can actually act as demonstrated by Spelvin's subsequent roles in mainstream flicks (Bad Blood, Red Ribbons, Famous Again, to name a few).

Do yourself and your cock a favor and buy this tribute to sexual cinematography.

A couple of notes on personal criteria for inclusion in the Goldstein hall of shame: First, I must stay awake and engaged while viewing the film (or merely have sex with my dowdy old wife).

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