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You must select the naming context that you want to connect to.

In most cases the defaults work just fine, as shown in Figure 2.

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In fact, many of the GUI based management utilities are really nothing more than registry front ends.

When you use the Group Policy Editor to make a change to a policy for example, the Group Policy Editor is actually editing the registry behind the scenes on your behalf.

The various Windows administrative tools are designed to make registry edits much safer by acting as an isolation boundary between the administrator and potentially dangerous registry settings.

These are the same two things that the various Active Directory tools are designed to do.

To do so, choose the Connect To command from the Action menu.

This will bring up the Connection Settings dialog box.All mail-enabled objects have this attribute always filled in (including users, contacts, groups, public-folders).The attribute can be erased via ADSI Edit or Active Directory Module for Windows Power Shell.Such tools present the Active Directory elements in a more simplified and logical way, while also making the process of editing the Active Directory far less dangerous than it might otherwise be.The problem with the built-in Windows administrative tools however, is that they can't help in every situation.If the Mail attribute does not match the primary SMTP address, the recipient will be dropped when the offline address book is generated.

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