Evemon implants not updating

With the release of Rhea, changes will be made to medical clones and how they work. You will not have to upgrade your clone upon being pod killed.

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Download Wormhole Thingie at Former Champion – Eve Fitting Tool EVE Fitting Tool, or EFT, was the original fitting software for EVE Online that allowed pilots to plan and check out fits before actually fitting them in the game.

Import fittings and organise them into 'doctrines'.

We want every choice you make as a player to impact the world around you.

From the rookie ship mining Veldspar to calling targets in the largest Alliance battles, your actions in the game should have meaning and affect other players either directly or indirectly.

There will no longer be any skillpoint loss upon death.

Small lapses of forgetfulness will no longer cause players to retrain weeks of lost skillpoint time.You have bigger fish to fry at the moment but an automatic API import feature on startup would be nice for us newer players that have new skills every day. Also, LOL @ Xenuria "waah waah my free software isn't perfect"EDIT: Oh yeah forgot, sometimes CPU usage is not displayed in the modules list until highlighted. If you want people to stop thinking that you are a dev alt then maybe you should fix "existing problems" before Releasing "new content" The wins error lives...But something tells me you're popularity is going in a different direction. It can be available as a tool under the Tools option. EVEMon has been developed from different people over the years, thus the "EVEMon Dev Team".Death is one of the most meaningful things a player can experience, and can happen at any time.The consequences and meaning a player applies to the loss of their ship is very powerful, and the ways they can affect and deal with that loss are very real.This too should encourage veterans to fly even more boldly into battle without worrying about protecting valuable skills. The cost of setting your home station will be increased from 5400 ISK to 100,000 ISK.

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