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We have been investigating the mechanism of fluorinated monomer insertion by three of the six different modules of the PKS involved in erythromycin biosynthesis (6-deoxyerythronolide B synthase, DEBS) to begin understanding the contribution of different steps, such as enzyme acylation, transacylation, C–C bond formation, and chain transfer, to the overall selectivity and efficiency of this process.

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The breadth of compounds (10,000) that can be made from these two simple building blocks is quite considerable, and many efforts have thus centered on increasing the types of extender units that can be incorporated into polyketides (1, 3, 4).

We have focused specifically on the insertion of fluorinated monomers by PKSs as an approach to merge the advantages of complex natural product scaffolds with the effectiveness of fluorine medicinal chemistry (5).

PY - 2010Y1 - 2010N2 - The control of photofragmentation and ionization in a polyatomic molecule has been studied by femtosecond chirped laser pulse excitation and velocity map photoelectron and ion imaging.

Polyketide natural products represent a rich source for discovery of new bioactive compounds.

In this system, we can amplify single-chain extensions with fluorinated monomers and enable further chain growth to produce polyketide products with multiple fluorine substitutions.), which we attributed to the greater number of enzyme turnovers possible when the extender unit pool is maintained by using an in situ regeneration system for methyl- and fluoromalonyl-Co A (10).

However, end product analysis of single module systems does not necessarily distinguish between the two general mechanisms that could arise in this system.

Polyketides are a large family of bioactive natural products synthesized by polyketide synthase (PKS) enzyme complexes predominantly from acetate and propionate.

Given the structural diversity of compounds produced using these two simple building blocks, there has been longstanding interest in engineering the incorporation of alternative extender units.

Here, we show that fluorine can be inserted site-selectively by an engineered polyketide synthase system via a fluorinated monomer that becomes covalently tethered to the enzyme to complete a canonical reaction cycle.

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