Efficiently updating materialized views dblp

Citation Context ...r, QPipe can efficiently evaluate plans produced by a multi-query optimizer, since it always pipelines shared intermediate results.

efficiently updating materialized views dblp-79

Efficiently updating materialized views dblp radioactive carbon dating of fossils

The usefulness of materialized views is limited when the workload is not always known ahead of time or the workload requirements are likely to change over time. Citation Context ...n the observed importance of different pages.

LRU-K [22] and 2Q [18], for instance, improve the performance of the traditional LRU eviction policy by tracking multiple past-page references, while ARC =-=[21]-=- shows similar performance improvements without relying on tunable parameters.

2.4 Multi-Query Optimization Multiple-query optimization (MQO) [13][27]=-=[24]-=- identifies common subexpressions in query execution plans during optimization, and produces globally-optimal plans.

Since the detection of common subexpressions is done at optimization time, all quer...

In addition to Berkeley DB, we have successfully applied the QPipe runtime with OSP support to two other open source DBMS, My SQL and Predator=-=[28]-=-.

Since there is typically a clear division between the storage manager and the rest of the DBMS, it was straightforward to transfer all function calls to the storage manager inside the µEngines. Citation Context ..engine would offset any performance benefits.

Each relational operator is promoted to an independent micro-engine which manages a set of threads and serves queries from a queue. As an example, recent work =-=[31]-=- introduces a buffer operator to increase the number of tuples processed at one time at each operator.

QPipe reaps such memory-hierarchy Average response time (sec) 1200 1000 800 600 400 200 0 Baselin...

Semantic data caching =-=[9]-=- (as opposed to page or tuple caching) can result in more efficient use of a cache and reduced communication costs in client-server environments.

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