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Carolyn, You'll never have to think too hard about where to take someone when it comes to dating as a singleton in Edinburgh.

It’s the perfect place for a first meet – not too quiet but not too loud, you’ll be able to hear yourself speak and enjoy a conversation.

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There's a wide range of first date destinations in the city, especially if you and your dating partner are culture aficionados.

Edinburgh was the first city to be a named a UNESCO city of literature, such is its illustrious legacy in the creative arts.

If you’re going to make the most of your visit, then perfect for a date is the chateaubriand sharing cut; It’s a budget option, but you’re paying for the quality of the produce and once you’ve tasted it you’ll be in steak heaven.

Non-meat lovers should not be put off though, as there is plenty of seafood and fish on the menu and if you’re going in for brunch, they serve some of the best eggs benedict in town as well as crushed avocado on toast, lobster omelette, buttermilk pancakes and a whole lot more that should cover most people’s taste.

There’s plenty of choice for non-alcoholic drinks too including some great fresh juices; I’d recommend the apple, pear, berry and beet which is served in a very cool kilner bottle. Well, beef is, and should be, your order of the day so perhaps step away from the Chophouse if you’re not too keen on red meat as this is really what they do best.

Staff are extremely knowledgeable about the cuts of meat available and will recommend something if you’re unsure.

For more date ideas, restaurant reviews, tip and more, head to our Edinburgh Dating or Dating Advice pages.

One of the most romantic cities in the world, ranking above New York and Dublin in one poll, Edinburgh is arguably the best place for men and women to fall in love in the UK.

From the grand splendour of Edinburgh Castle to the old and new town, both listed as UNESCO world heritage sites, the historic beauty of the city is bound to stir up romantic emotions in even the iciest of hearts.

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