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The next year the girls released their first album “Destiny’s Child”. Kelly Rowland album that she released in 2002 was called “Simply Deep”.

Then they recorded “The Writing’s on the Wall”, “8 Days of Christmas” and “Survivor”. In general Kelly recorded 4 solo albums and one more album with Destiny’s Child girls in 2004 to put a big full stop in their co-signing. It included hit “Dilemma” that Kelly Rowland recorded together with rapper Nelly.

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Kelly liked singing and dancing most of all, but she was afraid to perform her music on the stage.

Once Doris asked her niece, Beyonce, to talk to Kelly and convince her to sing.

The third member of the group was Michelle Williams. Kelly Rowland felt the taste of success, being the member of the group “Destiny’s Child”.

Together with the other girls they recorded five albums. In 1997 the members of the band and their manager, Matthew Knowles, signed the deal with the recording company Columbia.

The powerful visuals in the clip brought to mind classic work by Janet Jackson.

Watch Video After their success collaborating on "Motivation," Kelly Rowland and Lil Wayne collaborated once again on "Ice," a song about how to use ice on a naked body.

Her motherland was Atlanta (Georgia) but she was brought up in Houston (Texas).

There her mother, Doris Rowland Garrison moved with Kelly and her brother after her divorce with Christopher Lovett, singer’s father.

The group first disbanded in the mid-noughties and haven't performed together since the 2013 Super Bowl.

The added surprise was reported to make up for the fact she was unable to perform last year when she was pregnant.

It was Doris, who made Kelly dream about music career.

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