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It was very much a case of “one thing leads to another.” All it took was one awkward conversation and then the pair couldn’t stay away from each other. I want to get out of school, and I want to know I can take care of you.“So, I told him who I was, and we sat down, and we visited there in the family room for a couple of hours,” she said. I can’t marry you now.” Naturally, Robin was angry with Phil’s thoughts on the matter and decided to kick him to curb.

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Robin and Phil have plenty to be thankful for in their lives, but Dr. Jay Mc Graw announced his engagement to Erica Dahm, one of the well-known Playboy Playmate triplets and by the time wedding bells came around, his dad was right there by his side. His wife Robin, on the other hand, loves nothing more than to surprise her over calculating husband.

Phil knows there is nothing his wife cherishes more than her family. The wedding was held in their home home in Beverly Hills. But after being married for 39 years, it was time for tables to turn. Phil stood up in front of his live audience, stared them blankly without giving anything away when suddenly, he started to speak.

” She then brought her computer and quickly opened her Facebook profile page.

He stood there with a bewildered look as she played a video she prepared ahead of time.

Robin, who always attends the tapings of his shows to support her husband and even adds little comments that spice up the show a bit, was long overdue for a surprise that would leave her speechless. “My wife, Robin, is always the one who surprises me, but today, I’m finally getting her!

” He exclaimed, then turned to face his shocked wife.

’ And he goes, ‘Well, I’m Phil.'” It was a pretty awkward way to start a conversation.

But gradually, the pair got more comfortable and this was just the start of something special…

“He asked me out for the next night, and we’ve been together ever since.” And just like that, Robin and Phil started dating. And Robin was having serious thoughts about where their relationship could go. However, the future doctor was apprehensive about the idea. But then a few months later, Robin had a genius idea.

At Christmas, she called Phil’s family, asking them to tell him to call her back.

As it turns out, all the fame and fortune has not affected Dr. While his wife makes an effort to stun him every now and again, she always does so in a classy manner. As a matter of fact, Robin is not the only woman who ever married Phil.

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