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The aftermath was the formation of our pale, airless companion: the moon, and the red-hot, iron-rich ball of rock we know today as home.

Understanding the fiery birth of the earth really helps explain how the engine of our planet works.

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Within minutes, you're dodging marsupials the size of minivans and dragons far longer.

Over 250-million years down the road of time—about four hours at this speed—and it's the world before dinosaurs; even further, and there is no life on land at all. At 500-million years—about eight hours since we left the present day—all life is underwater and distinctly weird.

Nowhere else can you so simply jump in a car and travel back to the dawn of time.

In this episode, the beginning of it all: from a cosmic maelstrom a planet is born.

(These programs not available for streaming.) Of all the continents on Earth, none preserves a more spectacular story of our planet's origins than Australia.

NOVA's four-part "Australia's First 4 Billion Years" takes viewers on a rollicking adventure from the birth of the Earth to the emergence of the world we know today.

Swirling around the young star, was a disk of dust and debris, every fragment locked in mortal gravitational combat with every other lump of rock, metal, ice and dust in orbit.

This is the process of gravitational cannibalism that marked the formation of all the planets.

It is the beginning of the great drama of life on Earth.

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