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Rainey disputed her testimony and said children were not present when he fired the shots.After he shot both men, Rainey said he grabbed his kids and his fiancee and they left before police arrived.

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He was afraid more people with guns were on the way, he said, attributing his fear to the reason he didn't call police right away.

On the way to his mom's house, Rainey said he threw the AR-15 out of the window somewhere along Florida Avenue.

"I was just protecting me and my family from getting hurt in these apartments." Through tears, Rainey apologized to the families of Millon and Lewis. Williams testified Wednesday that neither Millon or Lewis were armed when they were shot.

She said the shooting was unprovoked, and testified that she grabbed her child and ran upstairs once she heard the shots.

While standing in the breezeway of the apartment complex, Rainey said Millon made a phone call.

Millon told whoever was on the other end to bring their guns, he said.

I'm really amazed at what this program has done for me." "Before the programme I was unhappy, and out of control and out of touch with myself.

I didn’t have the skills or tools to get myself out of the rut I was in so I consequently felt awful the entire time because I was trapped.

Dawkins questioned why Rainey threw the gun out of the window, and asked if he thought he should have brought the weapon to police when he turned himself in.

Rainey said he didn't need the gun and didn't want his kids to see it. Under questioning from his attorney, Frank De Salvo, Rainey said he's never denied shooting the men, and that since it happened he's said the shooting was self-defense.

28, 2015, at the Hidden Lakes Apartment complex in New Orleans East. They were parked downstairs in front of Rainey's apartment, he said, and one bike was blocking his door.

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