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Write down the connection string in web.config file.Here Database name is Employee and table name is tbl Emps. For achieve paging set Allow Paging property as True.In general Grid View control displays more than one record, but the Details View control displays single record from database table.

When user clicks on "Edit" link, Item Updating event fires.

When you perform edit operation, then by default you will not get any type of validation.

Detail View is one of the important control, that is mainly used in master-detail scenario.

You select the record from master control (as example Grid View) and selected record is displayed in Detail View control.

User can also update the existing database records.

Details View control has the properety Auto Generate Edit Button.

For handling such situation Details View control supports two properties that you can use to display user friendly message.

You can use the Empty Data Text property, or the Empty Data Template property.

If you do not assign value in Data Key Names property, then you will not get the primary key for performing updating or deleting the record.

When user click on "Edit" link, update and cancel link will appears in-place of edit link.

Ok, Now I'm sure this was working the other day and I don't think I've changed anything but now it's not working and I can't see anything wrong with the code.

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