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Each student has a tutor who is responsible for the student’s progress. The students receive grants from public and private funds, which provide for the payment of their tuition fees and other expenses.

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While the Duggar daughters have been more open about sharing their baby bump photos with the world, Kendra has chosen to keep hers private for the time being.

You can be sure that we will let you know as soon as Baby Duggar's arrival is announced to the public.

After three years of study a university graduate will leave with the Degree of Bachelor of Arts, Science, Engineering, Medicine, etc.

Some courses, such as languages and medicine, may be one or two years longer.

Universities choose their stu-dents after interviews. Colleges for further education include polytechnics, colleges of edu-cation, specialist colleges (agricultural colleges, colleges of art and music, etc.), further education colleges.

The polytechnics, like the universities, offer first and higher degrees.

Some of them offer full-time and sandwich courses for working students.

Colleges of education provide two-year courses in teacher education or sometimes three years if the graduate specializes in some particular subjects.

The universi-ties have their own traditions, which they preserve carefully. It is a custom from the time when students were clergymen. The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) and good A-level results in at least two subjects are necessary to get a place at a university.

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