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As with almost all news in Yemen, disinformation and rumour are rife, but both the exiled Yemeni government in Riyadh and Abu Dhabi officials have repeatedly refused to confirm or deny the reports.

The Emiratis have also tried to wean the island off chewing the productivity-destroying plant , a beloved Yemeni national pastime.

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The unique tree, with its crimson resin and dense crown of prehistoric leaves, is a beloved symbol of the Arabian Sea island of Socotra and its parent country of Yemen.

But like the ancient Darsa and Samha, Yemen is a country of two halves once again at war with each other.

Doing our best to avoid the attention of the pro-UAE authorities after two days’ journey on a cement cargo ship from Oman, is the first news outlet to access the island since Yemen’s war broke out three years ago and the Emirates quietly started taking over.

We found the UAE has all but annexed this sovereign piece of Yemen, building a military base, setting up communications networks, conducting its own census and inviting Socotra residents to Abu Dhabi by the planeload for free healthcare and special work permits.

Socotra’s 60,000 inhabitants have lived in harmony with nature for thousands of years, almost completely isolated from the outside world.

Now, civil war, a foreign occupation and the looming spectre of climate change mean that a perfect storm has finally arrived on the island’s shores.

Critics and activists say the UAE seeks to transform the island into a permanent military outpost-cum-holiday resort, and may even be stealing its Unesco-protected plants and animals.

for comment from UAE authorities for this story went unanswered.

In the past, the UAE government has said it is offering a “helping hand” to parts of impoverished Yemen that need it.

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