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Pride, ego and being afraid to show vulnerability are all things that can potentially cause significant harm to a relationship.

There is nothing more endearing and appealing in a grown-up relationship than a partner who is being authentic and accepting who they are as a person, faults and all.

Conversation flows freely whether it is about trivial subjects or deep and intense emotions—nothing is off limits.

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As I wasn’t willing to accept the truth, I have to admit, I wasn’t being adult either. My expectations for someone else were ridiculous when I wasn’t even living to those standards myself.

Although I wanted a grown-up relationship, I was heading down all the wrong routes to get to one.

We wrongly believe it must be everyone else’s fault the relationships we’ve been in haven’t worked out. We have to become the type of person we want to be to be able to attract the same qualities in another.

What we fail to see is that just because we grown-up love, it doesn’t mean that we ourselves are ready for it. Or at the very least to be able to keep it once we have attracted it.

There is no easier way to sail through life than when we are in a vessel that is able to constantly adjust to its surroundings so that it can flow freely.

Trust in a grown-up relationship comes very naturally.

I also used to think that love had to be a little messy to keep it exciting.

I believed that without drama relationships were calm but boring, and that it was okay to be a little volatile at times.

Just like with food, there are a variety of things we need to fully nourish our bodies—and it is the same with our minds.

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