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These students are not included in the UIS numbers, so the total number of international students is somewhat higher, likely more than 4 million.

Postgraduate studies, whether master’s degrees, MBAs or short courses, are becoming increasingly common in our modern economy characterized by specialization and globalization.

In fact, the growth of postgraduate degrees, diplomas and certificates in some countries is now higher than the growth in undergraduate degrees.

However, students already living in another country on a work permit may be able to pursue studies on a part-time basis.

In addition, online and distance learning programs offer great flexibility.

Potential students may also want to consider studying abroad, particularly if they are interested in highly specialized academic disciplines such as international business of Middle East studies.

Students are increasingly studying across borders for all levels of tertiary education (college or university-level studies).

In addition, some students may find that they learn less when studying in a non-native language. Students not proficient in the language of instruction for a particular course of study may need to spend an additional year or so gaining that proficiency.

Sometimes the students can gain this proficiency through studies in their native country, but in other cases they may need to spend additional time abroad.

The quality of the education gained, relative to the expense and intangible factors of studying abroad, such as cultural immersion and language skills.

Although all accredited master’s programs meet a high level of standards, teaching methods vary widely across different schools, programs and cultures.

Take the time now to check out universities from around the world.

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