Dating spots in chennai

Put your life jackets on, take a plunge, and float around in the middle of the seemingly bottomless sea.

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The road itself is always busy with youngsters in groups, who are most often found smoking.

The place itself sees a lot of student crowd from colleges nearby, whose common spot is Khader Nawaz Khan road.

If anything, in our collectivistic culture, in which “What would people say?!

” matters, subtlety has been a virtue and many a romance has blossomed in secret. It is 2016 and we are living in a global village, such that the concept of dating is not taboo among young adults in Tier 1 and even Tier 2 Indian cities.

This was a first for them in more than three years of their dating.

It was only natural for them to wonder, what is wrong about two consenting adults being out on a date?

Bond over some good food and anchor your relationship with the sea by your side.

Take your date on a 100-kilometer ride from Chennai to see flocks of pink flamingos along the vast stretches of bluer-than-blue waters of the Pulicat Lake.

Returning to the friendly neighborhood policeman: Not content with the polite answers to his questions, he ordered my friend and her partner to leave the beach.

When asked on what grounds, he threatened to confiscate their phones to inform their parents. Would you rather have police officers evoke a sense of security among young couples, or be seen as a menace that preys on them and, as is often the case, demands hush money?

Moreover, far from doing any hanky-panky, there were not indulging in any public display of affection, what with families, other youngsters, and children around. They were just sitting near each other and talking.

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