Dating scam ends in murder

The family lived in a two-story home in a middle-class neighborhood, drove a mid-sized SUV, owned a used Jaguar automobile and a used boat.Prosecutors described Routier as a pampered and materialistic woman with substantial debt, plummeting credit ratings, and little money in the bank who feared that her middle class lifestyle was about to end.

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Current status Routier's appeals have been remanded to the state level for improved DNA testing.

Once all state-level testing has been completed, the testing ordered by the federal courts will begin.

Innocence claims Routier's family maintains a website which proclaims her innocence and a new site has been created by Routier's supporters to present their views and claims of her innocence.

Defense attorneys allege that errors were made during her trial and the investigation of the murders, especially at the crime scene.

They also claim that there is significant exculpatory evidence which was improperly excluded, while questionable prosecution evidence was improperly allowed into evidence.

Despite these claims, Routier's appeals have continually failed.

The Adams case is profiled in the documentary The Thin Blue Line.

Divorce In June 2011 Darin Routier filed for divorce, having remained married to Routier after the murder of their sons.

Newscasts appeared of Darlie Routier and other family members holding a birthday party at the children's grave to celebrate posthumously Devon's 7th birthday, just eight days after the murders.

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